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Panasonic is a well-established electronics and robotics company that also produces welding robots for industrial applications. Panasonic welding robots are known for their precision, reliability, and advanced technology. These robots are designed to perform various welding processes, such as arc welding and spot welding, in industrial settings.

Key features of Panasonic welding robots may include:

High Precision: Panasonic welding robots are designed to offer precise and accurate welding, contributing to the quality and consistency of the welded joints.

Advanced Technology: These robots come equipped with advanced technology, including sensors, vision systems, and control mechanisms that enhance the welding process and adapt to different conditions.

User-Friendly Programming: Panasonic typically provides user-friendly programming interfaces, making it easier for operators to set up and program the robots for specific welding tasks.

Versatility: The robots are designed to handle various welding applications, providing flexibility in production processes.

Reliability: Panasonic places an emphasis on the durability and reliability of their welding robots, aiming to reduce downtime and maintenance requirements.

Integration Capabilities: Panasonic welding robots are designed to integrate seamlessly into manufacturing lines, working in coordination with other equipment and systems.

Our company, The SYN-TIG Welding Technical Ltd, is the authorized system partner of Panasonic Connect Europe GmbH (PCOEU), in Hungary.

Our profile is specifically Panasonic industrial welding robots and robotic systems:

  System building 

Based on the needs of our customers, we undertake the design and construction of standard and individual robot welding systems.

Panasonic hegesztőrobot rendszerépítés

Panasonic Welding robot systems

As a member of the Panasonic Group (the world's largest electronics giant in the world), PWS (Panasonic Welding Systems) uses the latest advantages and achievements of technology development in the development of its products. As the market leader in arc welding robots, PWS guarantees:

→ Modern welding technology and welding robots through our integrated robot systems

→ Extremely high reliability of all components

→ Perfect communication between all components (Robot, controller, power source, positioners, etc.) they are all developed, produced and tested by Panasonic


Our goal is to support the entire industry using “all in one” technology in the field of welding robotics.

We offer turnkey solutions in the field of arc welding (welding robots, welding power sources, positioner units, welding torches, etc.), without external peripherals, covering a wide range of applications in industrial applications.

Whether you are a general or an automotive company, we always offer the best possible solutions for the production of a specific product, in cooperation with our customers. 

 Syn-Tig Welding Technical Ltd.

Our company, the SYN-TIG Welding Technical Ltd., is the authorized partner of Panasonic Industry Europe GmbH (PIE) in Hungary for Panasonic industrial welding robots.

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