Panasonic FW system

General description

Panasonic's FW (horizontal rotation) type arc welding robot system (equipped with 3 positioning devices) is based on a modular concept, containing the most reliable Panasonic components.

Panasonic FW Hegesztőrobot cella    Panasonic FW Hegesztőrobot cella


Main features

Economical and flexible system solution

All components mounted on a common base frame for easy transport (except safety fences)

Quick installation and easy movement using a forklift

"All from one" solution = everything from one supplier! 

Customer benefits

Panasonic "all in one" welding technology - no separate interface between the robot and the power source!

"All from one" solution = everything from one supplier!

There is no need to learn the controls of the welding power source

Optimal setting of all welding parameters using the Windows-based teaching pendant

Economical and flexible system solutions

Tested before shipment

Standards equipment

Panasonic TAWERS TM 1800WG3 welding robot

Panasonic integrated TAWERS 350A MIG / MAG / TIG power source (B.i. (MAG) 350A / 80% for normal and 350A / 60% for pulse welding)

Panasonic robot controller with teaching pendant

Panasonic servo wire feeder integrated in the robot arm

Panasonic 400A, water-cooled welding torch with safety holder

"FW" layout welding robot system with 3 Panasonic positioning devices

Protective walls and safety equipment

Control panels

Integrated torch cleaner

The FW welding robot system can also be ordered according to the following specifications::

  • PerformArc FW-3PD-2000
  • PerformArc FW-3PD-2500
  • PerformArc FW-3PD-3000
  • PerformArc FW-3PD-3500

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Our company, the SYN-TIG Welding Technical Ltd., is the authorized partner of Panasonic Industry Europe GmbH (PIE) in Hungary for Panasonic industrial welding robots.

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