Panasonic PA-E-Frame welding robot system in our system range

Panasonic PA-E-Frame welding robot system in our system range

Panasonic welding robot system with linear shifter for better positioning and accessibility...

The system is available in our demo room!

Robot: Panasonic TM-1800WG3

Power unit: Panasonic integrated (TAWERS), 350A pulse power source for MIG/MAG/TIG welding processes

Wire feeder: Panasonic integrated onto robot arm, 50W, 4-rolls, servo powered

Welding torch: Panasonic 400A water cooled

Positioner: 2 x Panasonic PD500 (500kg payload) and 1 x 6m linear shifter

Working area / side: L=3000 x d=1.300mm

Payload / side: 500kg

Welding wire diam: Mild-Steel 0.8 - 1.2mm, Aluminum 1.2mm and Stainless steel 1.0 - 1.2mm

Other features: RT wire reel stand for 7/15/18kg wires, torch cleaner, water cooler.


- SAWP (Super Active Wire Feed Process)

Our PA-E-Frame type welding robot system designed and manufactured by our company is well suited for welding of workpieces of different sizes. The basic system is suitable for welding mild-steel, stainless steel and aluminum materials. The robot system can be tested at our site, up to 1 business day, after prior consultation.

Our company, the SYN-TIG Welding Technical Ltd., is the authorized partner of Panasonic Industry Europe GmbH (PIE) in Hungary for Panasonic industrial welding robots.

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