Panasonic DTPS software (Offline programming)

The Panasonic DTPS G2 & G3 offline programming and simulation system has been specifically developed for offline programming and 3D simulation tasks for Panasonic industrial robots. Programs created with DTPS G2 & G3 software can be easily transferred to the robot controller. By programming the robots offline, the robot does not have to be taken out of production, the programming can be done conveniently in the office, thanks to which significant time savings can be achieved. During offline programming, it is possible to perform accessibility analysis together with collision monitoring, programming "touch sensor", as well as cycle time analyzis, checking and possibly modifying system parameters ... etc.

Increase productivity through online and offline access to robots.

Panasonic offline programming


  • The software can be used with both older G2 and the new G3robot controllers as well

  • System diagnosis and fault analysis using PC without production interruption

  • Evaluate product costs by creating a simulation program

  • Modeling the entire welding process, calculating cycle and welding times

  • Import 3D files into an existing installation (IGS, IGES, DXF, STL, ZGL..etc)

  • Standard Panasonic system components (CAD package)

  • Using the DTPS 3D CAD system, edit the elements of the system, create new elements

  • Panasonic robot based programming language

  • Automatic registration of welding lines for easier programming

  • Welding parameter table programming

  • Edit and modify programs

  • Collision detection while running the simulation program

  • The programming method is the same as programming the actual robot

  • Display system parameters and the possibility to change them

  • Up to 21 external axes can be programmed

Panasonic DTPS bemutató videó

DTPS touch navi használata

Ütközés elemzés

DTPS ütközés elemzés

Customer benefits

  • Panasonic Development - All from one technology

  • Robot based programming language

  • Simulation of devices and tools, availability tests, work area and cycle timanalyzise

  • Simulation and program control of complex systems

  • Using offline programming, the machine downtime of the welding cell can be reduced

  • Edit and optimize existing robot programs in DTPS and then load them into easily to the robot controller

  • It can be used for many types of applications, such as MIG, MAG, TIG, spot welding

  • Creating welding programs offline without stopping production. Drastic increase in the utilization of the welding robot, creation of a 3D simulation program, program run time analysis, optimal program setting, cost and efficiency analysis, collision analysis ... etc.

  • Automatic data transfer between PC and robot controller

  • Easy welding parameter determination using Welding navigation software


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