Super Active Welding process - General information

TAWERS (The robot with integrated welding power source) has evolved further. Contributes to productivity improvement with high-speed welding + ultra-low spatter.

Thanks to the new welding torch and the Super-Active TAWERS process, stable welding quality and low (almost zero) spattering can be achieved during the MIG / MAG welding process.

Due to the targeted droplet separation, and due to the fully controlled wire guidance, spattering and deposits that can occur during welding can be successfully avoided. This is largely due to the full BUS communication between the robot controller and the power source, as well as the servo welding torch, which further enhances the benefits of the Panasonic TAWERS welding technology. By avoiding spattering errors during the welding process, the need for costly rework can be greatly reduced, so the overall cost of the process can be lower.

Panasonic hegesztőrobot TAWERS Super Active

The Panasonic S-AWP (Super Active Wire Process) 

Panasonic hegesztőrobot

Panasonic hegesztőrobot

Panasonic hegesztőrobot

Benefits of the Super Active Wire Feed Process 

Back and forth wire feed of the welding wire results in a clean, stable welding arc and a drastic reduction in spatter
Thanks to the process, reduced heat input can be achieved when welding thin plates. It provides stable welding, even at an unideal angle for a welding torch.
Secondary switching technology ensures adequate melting even when mixed gas is used.


  Panasonic hegesztőrobot

Active process for welding different materials as well:

HOT Active

Active process and waveform specially for welding with higher welding current

Zi-Tech / Zi-Active

Active process and waveform specially for welding galvanized materials

Drastic reduction of spatter when welding galvanized materials

Active Brazing

Active waveform specialized for brazing process
Less spatter and no burn through

Active Aluminum welding

Active process and waveform specially for welding aluminum materials
Less spatter and smut and no burn through

Active Stainless-steel welding

Active process and waveform specially for welding stainless steel materials


Panasonic active TAWERS (AWP) presentation video

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Our company, the SYN-TIG Welding Technical Ltd., is the authorized partner of Panasonic Industry Europe GmbH (PIE) in Hungary for Panasonic industrial welding robots.

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